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Cleaning the Counter

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new awareness to disinfection process.

People know exposure risks, assuming all commercial, institutional, and public facilities contain coronavirus contamination.

We quickly realized that the traditional spray-and-wipe method could be very challenging in combatting this pandemic.


Workplaces require careful and thorough disinfection of frequently-touched objects, hard-to-reach surfaces, non-uniform surfaces, and ventilation systems. These areas are likely contaminated with body fluids released by coughing and sneezing; therefore becomes unsanitary due to not getting adequate coverage by just wiping or even spraying. This can cause the spread of contamination, and aerosolize the virus, which could put your staff and the public at risk.


Improper use of some cleaning and disinfecting compound can unnecessarily damage your property and equipment. Overspray and spatter can be a problem, and can create secondary health hazards by leaving behind unhealthy chemical residue.



Cleaning is one thing, but disinfecting requires more specialized knowledge, tools, and breakthrough solutions.


Are you still struggling to disinfect your facility? You can rely on a professional disinfecting company like us. We are here to help you have peace of mind in the event of an outbreak.


YES, we offer Electrostatic Disinfection Services (EDS) using our innovative products and eco-friendly disinfectant for large and small spaces.


Whether it's a one-time, regular service at discounted prices or even just periodical treatment of your residential, commercial spaces, and transportation, we cover it all.


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